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5 Reasons to Move To Hamilton

People are embracing Hamilton with open arms! As the third fastest-growing urban area in the country, it is part of the “Golden Triangle” along with Auckland and Tauranga. Why the Golden Triangle? Well, the three cities make up a triangle of economic growth and residential development. The Ministry of Transport predicts that these three areas combined will be home to 53 percent of NZ’s population by 2031.

If you are looking for a laid-back spot with a hometown feel and lots of potential, this city may be the best place for you. Read are our top five reasons why you should relocate to Hamilton!

You’ll Get More Bang For Your Buck

Even though Hamilton is expanding rapidly, it is still a much more affordable prospect than Auckland or Wellington. House and land prices are more reasonable, so your money will go further. Whether you are buying or renting, you will find a much better deal in “the Tron,” as it’s affectionately known.

Not only this, but most things – including groceries, a trip to the movies, and consumer goods – are more affordable. There are also plenty of activities that cost little to no money. Get out into nature on your bike or your feet, or explore the amazing range of playgrounds with the kids.

It’s The City Of The Future!

Back in the early 2000’s, Hamilton was unofficially coined the “City of the Future” by its local residents. Back then it was a bit of a joke. But that prediction is starting to come true! It is actually a technologically advanced city.

Not only can Hamiltonians monitor hold-ups or availability of the bus route via an app, but they can also check the availability of parking in the CBD. Hamilton’s street lighting has all been converted to LED bulbs for more reliability and a more environmentally sustainable option. And, they are also in the process of creating an Open Data Portal in the city too.

By creating a “Smart City”, the council is creating opportunity, which is reflected in the population. Hamilton boats an extremely youthful population. About half of the residents are under 30 years old! This doesn’t just mean great parties (although Hamilton is renowned for its bar and pub scene), it means creative, innovative and driven people looking to start families and set themselves up here.

It’s A Sport-Lover’s Dream

With three international sporting venues, Hamilton is one of the best places for sports-mad types to settle down. Along with the broader Waikato region, Hamilton is mad about rugby. This is especially handy, as it became the new home to the Rugby Sevens series 2018, stealing the event away from Wellington. Hamilton is home to the Chiefs rugby team, so if you move here, you will need to get yourself a red, yellow and black scarf or jersey asap!

In wintertime, the stadiums are overrun with rugby fans. But, it is not just the colder months that you can cheer your team on. The stadiums burst with cricket fans in the summer, with both domestic and international games being played at Seddon Park.

The Mighty Waikato River

Just because Hamilton is an inland city doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some water-sports! NZ’s largest river, the Waikato, cuts through the centre of town, providing plenty of outdoor fun for everyone. You can choose to spend your weekends strolling along the shore, or get in amongst it with some more adventuresome activities. Boating, white-baiting, trout fishing, canoeing, jet boating or even parasailing are all popular on the Waikato.

If you want to see Hamilton from a unique perspective, the Waikato River Explorer offers spectacular river cruises all year round on New Zealand’s longest waterway. Enjoy a leisurely cruise with family or friends and soak in the surrounding beauty that is uniquely Hamilton.

You Are Close To Everything!

Living in Hamilton means you get to base yourself in an exciting city with everything you need. Yet, you are still close enough to easily make trips to other places. Auckland is only a 90-minute drive away, while Tauranga, Rotorua, Raglan and Taupo are all within a few hours. You can have awesome day trips without spending half the time in the car.

Don’t feel like venturing too far away from home? No worries, as there are fantastic hiking spots right on the doorstep. Venture up Mt Te Aroha or trek to the Wairere Falls. There are also top tourist attractions like Hobbiton and the Waitomo Caves nearby. Even right in town, you have access to the fabulous, 54-hectare Hamilton Gardens.

If you are moving within New Zealand, then Hamilton might just be the city for you!

Need some relocation help? Get in touch with us here at Crown Relocations for a free moving quote for moving your household effect, storage, insurance and more. Call our friendly team today on: 0508 227 696